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Welcome to the world of free flight! If you have ever dreamed of flying like a bird you've come to the right place! 


We are both US Hang Gliding Paragliding Association (USHPA) certified  instructors. The only paragliding instructors in Tucson.  Learn how you can be flying too...Aaron Cromer 

"My love for flight came as a kid. I grew up as an airline brat and my dad had a small plane. It wasn't till years later that my dad introduced me to paragliding and I've been hooked ever since. The last few years I have been training and apprenticing with some of the biggest names in paragliding (Kevin Lee, Brad Gunnuscio, Rob Sporrer and Sam Crocker). I love how simple and exhilarating this sport is. I can't wait to share it with you!"

Aaron Stutz

Aaron has been obsessed with paragliding since an acquaintance of his related the story of his flight to 21,000 feet, complete with photos of icicles hanging from his facial hair after he passed through a cloud. Several years later, Aaron became a certified pilot and has been flying regularly ever since. "It's an airplane without a motor that fits in a backpack, that you can use to fly into the clouds. If you don't think this is the greatest sport ever, you are clearly not sane."


Over the last twenty years, paragliding has become the world's most popular and easiest way of "sharing the air" with our feathered friends. Soaring with the eagles has been one of our oldest and most exciting dreams. Because we live in an age of human flight that dream can come true.

Paragliding shares some similarities with hang gliding. The pilot sits in a reclined position and uses a fabric wing made from lightweight rip-stop nylon. The glider moves with you as you control it with your hands and feet. It's a relatively easy and simple way to fly. With a few days of training, you could be soaring for hours.

The equipment packs down into a large backpack making it easy to hike and fly. Traveling with your wing is simple, allowing you to fly anywhere in the world.

The following types of flying are possible with a paraglider:

"Sled rides" -a smooth glide from the top of a mountain to the bottom

Thermal / Cross Country flights -Finding thermal lift to ascend into the atmosphere, allowing long distance travel (flights of 200 miles and >8 hours have been recorded).

Ridge Soaring - Smooth air flowing up a ridge allows you to stay aloft for hours, frequently on coastal sites.

Glass-Off ("Magic Air"): late evening flying with smooth lift, often making it easy to fly for several hours.

Acrobatics - Spinning, spirals, SATs, wing overs, helis, stalls… Usually over water after being towed up by a boat

Bivy Flights - Flying from mountain to mountain with all your survival items in your harness.

Speed Flying - Flying on small, fast wings close to the terrain, usually on skis.

Once you have mastered the basics you can focus on any or a combination of these types of flying. 

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

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